FCC Asks For Feedback On Broadband Workshop Series


The FCC has put out a call for feedback on its series of broadband workshops.

In a public notice, it said it is encouraging everyone who wanted to to log official comments on the workshops, which will continue to be held through at least Oct. 20, according to the commission.

"The conversation and debate are an important part of the record upon which the Commission will build its [national broadband] plan, the FCC said.

Deadlines for those responses are: Sept. 15 for workshops held from Aug. 6-Aug.20; Oct. 2 for workshops from Aug. 25 to Sept. 15; and Oct. 30 for workshops from Sept. 16-Oct. 20.

FCC broadband advisor Blair Levin has literally begged for more and better input on the plan that will help the FCC meet its deadline of Feb. 17. 2010, which FCC chairman Julius Genachowski has pledged will not be moved.

This week's workshops include ones on benchmarks for evaluating progress and "best practices/big ideas," described as a catch-all category for issues that don't fit in the 20 previous workshops.