FCC: Broadband Grew 23% in 2002 2H


Chicago -- New federal data released Tuesday showed that broadband
penetration grew 23 percent in the second half of last year, compared with 27
percent growth in the first half.

The Federal Communications Commission said the United States had 19.9 million
broadband lines serving homes and business at the end of last year, with cable
operators in control of 11.4 million high-speed customers.

In a speech here Monday, National Cable & Telecommunications Association
president Robert Sachs said cable operators ended the first quarter of 2003 with
12 million high-speed subscribers.

Although broadband growth slowed on a percentage basis in the second half of
last year, the FCC data showed that 3.7 million new high-speed customers signed
up in the last six months of last year, compared with 3.4 million during the
first six months.

The FCC defined "high-speed" as a data rate greater than 200 kilobits per
second in one direction and defined "advanced services" as a data rate greater
than 200 kbps in both directions.

The agency said 13 million lines met the advanced-services