FCC Broadband Plan: Markey Looking To Legislate Portions Of Report


Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), who was responsible for inserting the
requirement for an FCC national broadband report to Congress into the
stimulus bill, has already introduced a bill to mandate to elements of
that plan.

The plan was just unveiled today (March 16).

introduced a bill to insure accessibility to and privacy of energy
data, and to develop national standards for accessibility.

of the FCC's broadband plan's six key long-range goals is to insure
that Every American" is able to track and manage their energy usage

"We've gone from the black rotary dial phone to the
Blackberry, but when it comes to electricity information, we still have
to dial-up our utilities and ask for information," said Markey. "With
my e-KNOW bill and a new, American-built Smart Grid, the same people
who work on killer apps for an iPhone will now help you know how much
energy you use from your iFridge, iStove, or iToaster."

Markey, formerly the chairman of the House Communications Subcommittee is now chairman of a special select committee on energy.

and Microsoft (big backers of the broadband plan), are just two of the
companies that have created web-based energy monitoring tools, said
Markey, who said such tools could help save as much as $15 billion
nationwide and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 92 million metric
tons by 2030.

The full text of the bill is here.

of the plans directives are either to the FCC or agencies within the
administration, the FCC said Tuesday in announcing the plan, with only
a relative handful of action items for Congress among the 200 or so in
the plan.