FCC: Broadband-Sub Growth Up 60%


Broadband-subscriber penetration jumped 60% for the 12-month period ending June 30, 2005, the Federal Communications Commission reported Monday.

The U.S. added 14.2 million “advanced service lines” to end the period with 37.7 million, the FCC said in a semiannual report on an issue that chairman Kevin Martin has identified as his chief priority.

The agency defines an advanced service line as a broadband connection with 200-kilobit-per-second speeds in both directions.

The commission also reported that the U.S. had 42.9 million homes with “high-speed” data lines June 30, 2005. A high-speed line, the FCC said, provides a 200-kbps connection in only on direction.

The FCC said 91% of homes passed by cable had access to cable-modem service, while 76% of homes served by incumbent phone companies had access to digital-subscriber-line service.

“All this means that more than 85% of the country has access to cable, DSL or both," Martin wrote in an article in Monday's Financial Times.