FCC Continues Positive Push At DTV Transition Nears


The FCC continued its positive tack as the country sailed toward the digital horizon.

Translation: The FCC's two days and counting e-mail alert again pitched the benefits of the June 12 transition to digital.

While Tuesday's led off with sharper pictures and more programming, Wednesday's first touted the new digital age of multicasting, the extra channels digital allows broadcasters to shoehorn into their digital spectrum alotment.

"One of the great benefits of digital technology is that stations can now provide many more free over-the-air channels than the single channel they provide today," said acting FCC chairman Michael Copps in the alert. "These new channels can provide the kind of local and niche content that is often missing from the public airwaves."

Copps was in L.A. Wednesday, the city estimated to have the most unprepared households for the transition.

That was followed with another plug for the beautiful pictures and sound, plus the emergency communications benefits of reclaiming analog spectrum.