FCC Extends Broadcast/Newspaper Crossownership Waiver Deadline

Companies Have Until Early Next Year to File Latest Requests for Renewals, Modifications

The FCC has again delayed the deadline for filing waiver extensions or seeking permanent waivers of the newspaper/broadcast crossownership rule. They had been due Sept. 27.

Back in January, the FCC granted Cox; Calvary, Inc.; Bonneville; The Scranton Times, L.P.; and Morris Communications an extension of the requirement to file waiver requests until 90 days after all court challenges to the FCC rule had been resolved.

The Supreme Court denied broadcaster appeals June 28, which made Sept. 27 the filing date, which the FCC clarified last August.

But the above companies sought an extension of that deadline until 60 days after the FCC votes on its proposed revisions to the rule, since that could affect the applicable standard for review of those petitions. The FCC agreed. "Granting this extension of time will ensure that Media Parties’ supplemental filings can address the issues relevant to the newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership rule that is adopted in that pending proceeding."

That means the companies likely won't have to file for extensions until sometime next year. The FCC is not expected to take any action on its media ownership rules until after the November election.