FCC Extends Comment Deadline on Auction Bidding NPRM

Wants Commenters to be Able to Process Auction Success
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The FCC has moved the deadlines for comment on its proposed changes to auction bidding rules so commenters can factor in the current AWS-3 auction into the equation.

In October, the FCC adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking launching a revision of some of its competitive bidding rules for auctions, including making it easier for small and minority businesses to bid and tentatively concluding the Big Four wireless carriers can't team up to bid in the incentive auction or other, future, auctions.

The NPRM did not come in time to affect the AWS-3 auction, which launched Nov. 13, but that auction may affect how the rules are changed, or at least how commenters respond to the proposed changes, the FCC signaled.

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