FCC First Broadband Field Hearing Slated For Sept. 21: Sources

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Look for the FCC to announce its first broadband field hearing soon.

According to sources, it will be Sept. 21 in Austin, Tex., and be helmed by new Republican Commissioner and Texan Meredith Attwell Baker.

That explained why Baker was missing from an AWRT gathering Sept. 21 that will feature the other four commissioners including Chairman Julius Genachowski.

The FCC has said field hearings on the national broadband plan would be part of a concerted effort to get more public input. So far that effort has included a couple dozen

workshops at the FCC headquarters, including two Wednesday on spectrum and content, and a number of online initiatives including a blog and a crowd-sourcing platform that allows
web surfers to suggest and rate various elements of the plan, which must be delivered to

Congress in approximately five months.