FCC Gets Spectrum Of Reaction On Incentive Auction Vote

NAB, EOBC, CEA Weigh in on Incentive Auction Notice
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The FCC was getting plenty of reaction to its vote Thursday (Dec. 11) seeking comment on the details of a proposed broadcast incentive auction mechanism, including details about bidding on both the reverse end—broadcasters volunteering to give up spectrum at a price—and the forward end—wireless companies buying up those spectrum licenses.

One thing that caught the attention of Wells Fargo analyst Marci Ryvicker was the FCC's use of an 84 MHz clearing target, rather than the 126 MHz the FCC used in estimates it offered up to broadcasters on how much their spectrum might be worth.

The FCC initially targeted 120 MHz, then more recently has been indicating 84 MHz might be a more reasonable target. In outlining the possible opening bid prices to broadcasters, the FCC did concede they were high-end estimates, and the 126 MHz always seemed high.

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