FCC Grants Noncom Waivers for Sandy Fundraising

Other Noncom Stations Wanting to Raise Money Should Contact Agency
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The FCC has granted two waiver requests to allow noncommercial stations to raise funds for Superstorm Sandy relief, and wants to make sure other stations who may want to follow suit know the procedures for applying for those waivers.

Under FCC rules, noncoms cannot raise money for anything but their own station, but the FCC has made exceptions in the case of national disasters like Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina and the 9/11 attacks.

TV stations should submit an e-mail request to Barbara Kreisman at barbara.kreisman@fcc.gov. Radio stations should contact Peter Doyle (peter.doyle@fcc.gov) and Michael Wagner (michael.wagner@fcc.gov).

The request should include: "the proposed duration of the fundraising effort; the organization(s) to which funds will be donated; and whether the fundraiser will be part of the licensee’s regularly scheduled pledge drive or fundraising effort."