FCC Halts AT&T-Comcast Review


The Federal Communications Commission has stopped its 180-day 'shot-clock'
review of AT&T Broadband's merger with Comcast Corp. because the agency
needs additional time to digest recently received information, including the
restructuring of Time Warner Entertainment.

The FCC's 180-day review was scheduled to expire Oct. 21.

But Kenneth Ferree, chief of the agency's Media Bureau, sent a letter Sept.
24 telling the companies the shot clock would stay at day 153 for at least 15

Ferree said it was necessary to stop the clock because the companies had
submitted 'a significant amount of new information late in the proceeding,'
including hundreds of pages related to the TWE restructuring.

'At this stage in the proceeding, we do not believe we
can fully evaluate this new material and still ensure that an order will be
released by the 180-day benchmark,' Ferree said in the two-page