FCC To Hold Roundtable On PPMs

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FCC chairman Julius Genachowski told an audience of minority broadcasters Friday that the commission would bring the various sides together for a discussion of issues surrounding Arbitron's Portable People Meters (PPMs).

The meters have been the subject of congressional inquiry and an FCC notice of inquiry (NOI) after complaints they undercounted minority audiences.

Genachowski said Friday at a speech to the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters that the FCC's authority is limited over "the core issue" of minority undercounts. The FCC NOI focuse on the commission's use of Arbirton PPM data and how it might "might impact the integrity of agency analyses and trend reporting, and thus policymaking," he said.

He said the FCC is still "reviewing the record" as part of its official inquiry--launched under predeccor Michael Copps. He also said he would as the Media Bureau to put together a "a roundtable with different stakeholders in this debate in the near future to try to reach greater understanding and perhaps resolution of issues in disagreement."