FCC Initiates Ideascale


The Federal Communications Commission is spreading itself across the Web.

The agency has joined the crowd-sourcing crowd, launching on the Ideascale platform Friday (Sept. 11). Ideascale is a place where suggestions are posted online and rated by Web users.

In this case the suggestions are on the FCC's national broadband plan, which is due to Congress Feb. 17, 2010.

Currently the highest rated suggestion on the site --with 23 votes at press time-- is the assertion that broadband must help the disabled. Down the list with three votes is the suggestion that the FCC not fund satellite broadband.

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski announced the additional Web presence for the agency Thursday in launching its first video blog.

The commission is also launching presences on YouTube and now has a Facebook page, as well as 48 additional rss feeds of data from the agency, joining the general feed launched last month.

The FCC created its Blogband blog in August, as well as launching on Twitter.

The Obama administration has made online connections a key part of its effort to make the government more transparent and collaborative.