FCC Inundated With Neutrality Comments

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According a Federal Communications Commission staffer familiar with the docket, the commission by Friday afternoon received a whopping 120,000 comments in its network neutrality docket, with an “unofficial” 110,000 backing its proposed expansion and codification of the rules thanks to one massive filing.

The deadline for filing comments was midnight Thursday (Jan. 14).

Initially it had looked like somewhere north of 20,000 comments had been received, which would have made a more even split on pros and cons. But the staffer said one filer, identified as CREDO Action, actually included 98,000 comments in support of the rules in a single submission.

Credo, a credit card and mobile phone company that raises money for progressive causes, according to its Web site, has another site Credo Action, hosting various online petitions, which had included one asking the FCC to support network neutrality rules.