FCC Meets with Industry On Proposed Broadband Reclassification


Meetings between the FCC and industry continue on a possible legislative response to the court decision in Comcast/BitTorrent that called the FCC's broadband regulatory authority into question, at least as the FCC had defended it.

The latest to be chronicled in the FCC's docket on possible Title II reclassification of broadband was between agency chief of staff Edward Lazarus and representatives of Google, Skype and the Open Internet Coalition, according to an ex parte filing at the commission.

Among the topics of conversation were legislative language on a nondiscrimination principle, prohibitions on blocking content and devices, and whether those should be applicable to wireless as well as wired broadband.

The FCC has been meeting with various stakeholders to see if they can come to agreement on proposed legislative language that would clarify the commission's authority to regulate unreasonable network management and broadband access.

Separately, the FCC has proposed its own regulatory solution, chairman Julius Genachowski's so-called "third way" that would apply a handful of common carrier regs to broadband transmissions.