FCC Moves February Meeting

Cites timing of continuing resolution in shift to Feb. 14
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WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission has moved up its February public meeting due to the possibility of another government shutdown.


The Feb. 21 meeting has been moved to Feb. 14, since the FCC is currently funded the continuing resolution that runs through Feb. 15, the agency said.

The FCC's Jan. 30 meeting will be a pro forma affair since the items were moved off the agenda last week, when it was not clear whether the shutdown would be over by then. The commission is required to hold one public meeting per month.

Those items were moved to the Feb. 21 meeting, which is now Feb. 14.

The FCC has also extended all its filing deadlines, given that its "filing window, mail operations, and electronic filing systems" were unavailable during the shutdown.

Originally, the regulator was going to make filings due on the first business day following the resumption of normal operations, which would have been Tuesday, Jan. 29. Those will now be due Jan. 30. That includes extending the expiration of special temporary authorities (STAs) unless they are related to the post-incentive auction broadcast repack.

The FCC said it would issue further guidance on revised filing deadlines, so it asks that folks who were going to submit filings asking for relief from filing deadlines not to file until they get that further guidance. (Got it?)