FCC Moves November Meeting Date


The Federal Communications Commission has moved its public meeting date from Nov. 4 to Nov. 30.
An FCC source familar with the decision said it was a "scheduling issue." That would be as opposed to a policy issue like, say, Title II reclassification. The move of the date would move the "white copy" date for informing commissioners about upcoming items until after the Nov. 2 election.

Speaking on background, an FCC official would not comment on whether either Title II or the FCC's proposed codification of network neutrality principles could be on the agenda for that meeting, but said that was a separate issue from the scheduling move. Instead, said the source, the move was to give the bureaus more time to work on unrelated items being teed up for that meeting.

With an Oct. 14 meeting date, the bureaus essentially would have had to circulate the items for the Nov. 4 meeting the same day they were responsible for presenting at the October meeting, as they had to do at this week's Sept. 23 meeting for October. They wanted more time, according to the source.

The commission moved its September meeting back a week due to scheduling conflicts, which created the confluence of meeting and circulation date.

These days, any move is being watched carefully by those looking for the chairman to schedule a vote on reclassifying broadband access service.