FCC Net-Neutrality Rules Sent to Register

Publication Could Come as Early as Next Week

The Federal Communications Commission's network-neutrality rules, which reclassify Internet service providers as telecoms under Title II regulation, are closer to taking effect after the agency this week (on April 1) sent the final order to the Federal Register for publication.

Once it is published, which could be as early as next week, the rules go into effect within the next 60 days, and; that will likely trigger more lawsuits.

Critics of the deal have 10 days after the publication to file lawsuits, although a couple of suits have already been filed -- and assigned to the D.C. federal appeals court -- by USTelecom and Alamo Broadband, which said they did so out of an abundance of caution in case there is a determination that parties must file for review within 10 days of the date of release or issuance of the FCC’s order, rather than 10 days after publication in the Federal Register.

Other companies and associations are likely to file suit after publication. CTIA, which represents wireless carriers, has already promised to do so.