FCC OKs More Auction Winner Applications

Wireless companies pony up for spectrum

The FCC has published the list of the latest broadcast incentive forward auction winners whose applications have been deemed complete and accepted for filing, which also means they have paid up their winning bids.

A few more applications remain to be deemed complete -- or not -- though the FCC did not say when those would be ready.

The latest winning bidders whose applications were approved are Carolina West Wireless, Cellular South, Chariton Valley Telephone, CT Cube, Eastern Kentucky Network, Inland Cellular, NE Colorado Cellular, Northeast Nebraska Telephone, Northern Valley Communications, Nsight Spectrum, Pine Cellular Phones, SAL Spectrum LLC, Spotlight Media, Alaska Wireless Network and Triangle Communications.

Petitions to deny this latest round for winner license applications are due no later than July 3, with oppositions due July 11 and replies to those due July 18.

But all the monetary heavy lifting out of the broadcast incentive auction is already complete.

Earlier this month, the FCC granted licenses to T-Mobile, Dish, Comcast, U.S. Cellular, and AT&T. T-Mobile's winning bids, totaling $8 billion, and Dish's $6.2 billion, were enough by themselves to assure that broadcasters got their $10 billion payout and the repack fund of $1.75 billion was funded.

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Broadcasters could start getting their payouts as early as mid-July.