FCC OK's Nexstar-Communications Corp. of America

Wheeler Calls it Evidence JSA Unwinding Benefits Diversity

The FCC has approved Nexstar's $370 million purchase of Communications Corp. of America, so long as it spins off WEVV-TV, the CBS (and Fox) affiliate in Evansville, Ind., to Bayou City Broadcasting.

Nexstar had already said back in August that it was selling the station to Bayou in order to secure Justice and FCC approval.

DOJ last week had signaled it was OK with the deal contingent on that spin-off.

In a blog posting, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler and former chairwoman and commissioner Mignon Clyburn said the approval of that deal, and other recent deals, shows that the FCC's move to reign in "sidecar" joint sales agreements was creating new business models that promoted independent voices.

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