FCC Posts 1.5M Net-Neutrality Comments Since Extending Deadline

Aug. 30 is new cut-off date

The pace of filings at in the FCC's network-neutrality comments docket, dubbed "Restoring Internet Freedom" by FCC chair Ajit Pai, is showing no signs of slowing down, with still plenty of people (or bulk e-mail generators, some argue) still weighing in.

The FCC extended the comment deadline to Aug. 30 from Aug. 16. Since that Aug. 16 date, 1.5 million additional filings have been logged as of Aug. 24, making the current total 21,850,771, up from the 20,350,000 in the docket as of Aug. 16.

The FCC does not keep track of such records, but nobody is disputing that this volume is a record for the number of comments in any FCC docket.

The FCC under Pai has proposed reversing the Title II (common-carrier) definition of internet access providers and reviewing the rules in the 2015 Open Internet order against blocking, throttling and paid prioritization.

The docket has drawn plenty of attention over irregularities, including form submissions, alleged DDoS attacks and fake e-mails generated by fake e-mail domain generators. Hill Democrats have called for investigations of the docket and the alleged attacks, and Pai has said the FCC is going to err on the side of inclusiveness, which means accepting some level of nuisance and mass-generated comments.

The FCC will continue accepting comments past Aug. 30, per custom, but only those that are filed by the deadline have to be included in the record on which the FCC makes its decision.