FCC Proposes Fining Three Stations for Kids TV Reporting Violations

All Stem from Failure to Report Violations at License Renewal Time
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The FCC has proposed fining three stations a total of almost $45,000 in fines for violating kids TV reporting requirements and not reporting those violations when asking for license renewal.

According to notices of apparent liability, the FCC proposes to fine KPLC Lake Charles, La., $20,000 for failing 18 times during its license period to file its children's TV reports in atimely manner (a $17,000 fine), and also failed to report that fact when applying for license renewal (another $3,000). Stations are required to file quarterly reports on their efforts to serve the educational and informational needs of children. The FCC called that an "apparent Willful and/or repeated violation."

The FCC proposes to fine Unity Broadcasting's W34DV Boonville, Miss., $15,000 for repeatedly violating its kids TV reporting rules ($12,000), and another $3 thousand for not mentioning on its renewal application that it had been cited for past violations.

Finally, the commission has proposed fining San-Lee Community Broadcasting's WBFT-CA $9,000 Sanford, N.C., for reporting violations over five years and for not reporting that admitted violation when it sought license renewal.

The stations all have 30 days to respond to/challenge the proposed fine.