FCC Rejects Hawaii Deregulation Plea


Washington -- The Federal Communications Commission lastTuesday rejected a request by Time Warner Cable for total price deregulation in Honoluluand Oahu, Hawaii.

Time Warner claimed that it faced "effectivecompetition" from a wireless cable system wholly owned by GTE Corp., one of thelargest local phone companies in the United States.

In a decision by the FCC's Cable Services Bureau, thecommission determined that Time Warner failed to demonstrate that GTE's video servicewas widely known to potential subscribers located in Time Warner's franchise areas.

The FCC also said Time Warner failed to show that all ofthe communities in its Oahu franchise area were technically able to receive GTE'ssignal. The commission said terrain maps showed that at least four Oahu communities didnot have a clear line-of-sight to GTE's transmitter.

Time Warner may appeal the decision to the five FCCcommissioners.