FCC’s Genachowski: Cable Speeds Are Tops


WASHINGTON — DOCSIS 3.0 is paying off big time.

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association
reported 82% of the country now has access to the industry’s
high-speed broadband offering, an industry upgrade
that the Federal Communications Commission last week
gave partial credit for its new, rosy broadband speed figures.

It turns out cable operators were nearly perfect at delivering
on advertised broadband speeds, according to the
FCC’s second study on advertised and actual speeds; that
study, which chairman Julius Genachowski dubbed the
most rigorous assessment ever of broadband speeds and
performance, was based on data from top ISPs.

Cable operators delivered 99% of those advertised
speeds at peak periods, according to the FCC’s just-released
residential broadband speed survey, up from 93%
in 2011. Cablevision actually delivered 120% of advertised
download speeds to top the list of cable ISPs and more
than 100% of upload speeds.

Mediacom Communications was another cable standout,
delivering 100% of advertised download speeds and
almost 120% of upload speeds. Comcast also topped 100%
in advertised download speed at peak periods and approached
120% in upload speed.