FCC To Seek More Public Input on Broadband Plan


The deadline for reply comments on the FCC's national broadband deployment plan is July 12, having been extended a couple weeks. But that will hardly be the end of the public's opportunity to weigh in.

At an Erie, Penn., broadband event Wednesday, FCC chairman Julius Genachowski signaled that the commission would host national discussions across the country as well as online, about the plan, which the agency must present to Congress by Feb. 17, 2010.

"Please get involved," he said. "tell us about the needs of your community and your hopes and aspirations for the National Broadband Plan."

While his audience in Pennsylvania was estimated by a Pittburgh paper at only about 100, Genachowski will have a bigger crowd at his first public meeting July 2 -- it is being streamed online -- where he is expected to talk more about that proposed national dialog.

The FCC meeting will be devoted to an update on the DTV transition and the progress on the plan.