FCC Seeks Data Drop From AT&T, DirecTV

Want Info On OVDs, RSNs, Promised Benefits and More

The FCC has requested a raft of additional documents from both AT&T and DirecTV as it vets their proposed merger.

In a Sept. 9 letter to the companies, Media Bureau Chief Bill Lake said he would like to see that information by Sept. 23.

"[W]e require additional information, documents and clarifications of certain matters discussed in the applications and other information submitted to the Commission," said Lake. "If necessary, we will follow up with additional requests for information and documents."

The information requests run to dozens of pages. For example, AT&T's letter includes 81 requests, with one question including subparts "a" through "s," and subpart "b" containing sub-subparts i, ii, and iii.

They include everything from RSN ownership, OVD competition, and carriage negotiations, to the potential value to AT&T of DirecTV's Sunday Ticket package and just what benefits the deal will actually produce.

For example, the AT&T is asked to: "Describe in detail all of the claimed efficiencies, savings, new and improved products and synergies that are projected by the Applicants to result from the proposed Transaction, and submit a timeline for when these efficiencies, savings, new or improved products and synergies will be generated."

DirecTV is asked to produce "all documents created or received by the Company that relate to the Company’s or any other Person’s: pricing plans; pricing policies; pricing list s; rate cards; pricing forecasts; pricing strategies; pricing analysis; introduction of new pricing plans or promotions; bundled pricing, including analysis of the profitability of bundles and their impact on customer retention; or pricing decisions relating to any Relevant Service."