FCC Seeks Input On Finding More Wireless Spectrum


The Federal Communications Commission is seeking more comment on whether current wireless spectrum allocations are sufficient for the growing needs of wireless broadband.

In a public notice released Sept. 23, the commission said it wanted more facts and data. It has already asked about wireless spectrum use in its just-opened proceeding on innovation in wireless, but is now responding to specific comments in its national broadband plan proceeding about the need for more spectrum.

The notice said those comments were echoed in its Aug. 13 broadband workshop on wireless.

Among the things the commission wants to learn is the ability of current allocations to support next-generation services and what bands would be best positioned to provide more spectrum.

It also wants help in defining whether maximizing spectrum is in the public interest and answers to the question: "How would we determine that the public interest would be better served by reallocating spectrum from an existing service to wireless broadband service?"

It also wants to know if some bands are being used more effectively than others.

Broadcasters have been criticized by some computer companies as inefficient users of spectrum. That was partly behind the push for allowing unlicensed devices in the white spaces between TV channels.

Broadcasters have already had some of their spectrum reclaimed in the switch to digital broadcasting.

Comments are due Oct. 23 and reply comments Nov. 13.