FCC Signals It Would Like Swift Resolution of CBS/TWC Dispute

Commission is 'Monitoring' Situation
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According to an FCC spokesman, the commission is actively following the retransmission consent dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable and is looking for a consumer-friendly result, which the spokesman suggests means a deal.

 "The Commission is continuing to monitor the situation," said the spokesman. "We urge the respective parties involved to do what is in the best interests of consumers and viewers, and to reach a retransmission consent agreement as quickly as possible."

The two sides could be facing a July 24 showdown, when CBS content could go dark on TWC systems if a current extension from the previous June 30 contract expiration deadline expires without a deal.

The FCC historically has monitored high-profile retrans disputes, including remaining in contact with the parties. In the Cablevision/Fox dustup in 2010, for example, the FCC was actively working with the parties to get a deal done, and was in the loop on TWC's battle with Disney that same year. The spokesman did not say how the FCC was monitoring the TWC/CBS fight.