FCC Suspends Filing Deadlines Through Oct. 21

Network Reporting Outages Exempted; Advises Not to Seek Further Relief until Further Notice

The FCC has reopened for business, including its Web site, which was shuttered during the government deadline, but has suspended all filing deadlines other than network outage reports until further notice.

It had signaled before the shutdown that those filings would be due the business day after the government re-opened, which would have been Oct. 18.

That covers any deadlines during the shutdown and through Oct. 21, the commission said in a note on its now re-opened Web site.

It said it would issue that further guidance "soon" but recommended that nobody file any submissions seeking additional relief until after that guidance is issued.

An FCC spokesperson was not available for comment on why the site had been inaccessible during the shutdown when many other government agency sites were parked but not updated so that the archival info was still available to the public.