FCC Takes Step to Free Up More Wireless Spectrum

Order Would Free Up Mobile, Fixed Broadband Spectrum

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski Wednesday circulated a proposed order freeing up 20 MHz of dormant spectrum in the wireless communications services band for LTE mobile broadband deployment, and another 10 for fixed and potentially mobile wireless broadband as well.

"Today's action is part of chairman Julius Genachowski's continued efforts to remove regulatory barriers that limit the flexible use of spectrum, which is one way he has led the Commission towards helping address the continued 'spectrum crunch,' said FCC director of communications Tammy Sun in a statement. "In addition to removing regulatory barriers, the Commission continues to push ahead on innovative spectrum solutions in addition to traditional auctions, including incentive auctions, government-commercial sharing, technology-based opportunities like small cells, and freeing up unlicensed spectrum for innovations like Wi-Fi."