FCC to Undertake Broadband Rulemaking


The Federal Communications Commission is planning to launch a rulemaking in
December looking at the regulation of high-speed Internet access provided by
cable operators and other providers, chairman Michael Powell said Friday.

Powell said it was time for the FCC to take a comprehensive look at broadband
as a technology -- whether deployed by phone companies, cable companies,
satellite carriers or wireless companies -- rather than dealing with the issue
selectively depending on the identity of the company.

'I think we have finally in our own minds concluded that we can't do that
effectively piecemeal anymore, that we have to do it in a proceeding that has as
its focus all of those questions,' Powell said in remarks to the Association for
Local Telecommunications Services.

An aide to Powell said agency staff was still working on the proposal and
suggested that the rulemaking may not be released for public comment until