FCC's AWS-3 Auction Tops $38 Billion

Takes a Holiday After Record-Breaking Run
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The FCC's AWS-3 wireless spectrum auction took a break for the Thanksgiving holiday after racking up an impressive bid total.

After its last round (the 37th) on Wednesday (Nov. 26), the auction had generated $38,196,517,300 in provisional bids, including 127 new bids totaling 4367,512,600.

The reserve for the auction was $10.587 billion.

the auction will continue until there are no more bids or waivers in any single round. Verizon and AT&T are predicted to get the lion's share of the spectrum.

While the auction will almost certainly be a record-breaker — the previous top money-getter was the 700 MHz auction at $18.9 billion — it is not officially one just yet.

All the bids are provisional winning bids, as witness the fact that a few of them have been withdrawn and the spectrum back in the FCC's hands, at least until another bid is offered up.

But even after the auction officially closes — no more bids or waivers — the total is not official.

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