FCC's O'Rielly to Speak at ACA Summit

Polka notes commissioner supports reducing regulatory burdens on smaller operators

FCC commissioner Michael O'Rielly, now in the majority with a Trump Administration in place, will speak at the upcoming American Cable Association annual policy summit in Washington March 29.

ACA president Matt Polka noted O'Rielly's support of reducing regulatory burdens on the approximately 750 small and midsized cable operators the ACA represents.

For example, O'Rielly joined new FCC chairman Ajit Pai in supporting a five-year extension of the small business waiver from enhanced Open Internet Order transparency requirements and upping the waiver trigger from systems with 100,000 or fewer subs to systems with 250,000 or fewer subs, a change ACA had pushed.

"ACA is thrilled commissioner O'Rielly will join us at Summit24," Polka said. "ACA members are eager to hear from this legal and public policy expert about the FCC's new agenda and how he plans to translate his ideas into action."

The waiver item is scheduled to be voted, and almost certainly approved, at the FCC's February public meeting.