FCC chair Ajit Pai has named three new staffers in the FCC's new Office of Economics and Analytics, which was established as part of the chairman's emphasis on cost-benefit analysis of regulatory actions, as well as his focus on closing the digital divide--an FCC priority--and auction design and implementation.  

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The chairman said he was planning to appoint Margaret Wiener as associate chief of the office, Evan Kwerel as senior economic advisor to the OEA chief (the current acting chief is Giulia McHenry), and Jonathan Campbell as chief of OEA’s Auctions Division. 

Wiener had been chief of the Auctions Division (which was folded into OEA); Dr. Kwerel was senior economic advisor in the Analysis division; Campbell had been acting special counsel in OEA. 

OEA's charter: "[E]xpanding and deepening the use of economic analysis into Commission policymaking for enhancing the development and use of auctions and for implementing consistent and effective agency-wide data practices and policies."