FEARnet Scares Up Viewers


FEARnet, Comcast’s on-demand horror service, closed its most successful month to date in February with 6.66 million on-demand views.

The service has had a total of 26.6 million views since its premiere Oct. 31, Halloween.

Multiplatform FEARnet -- a joint venture between Comcast, Sony Pictures Television and Lionsgate Entertainment -- has been consistently ranked in the top-10-viewed video-on-demand networks from more than 200 offerings.

The record VOD views included movies such as: Urban Legends: Bloody Mary, Urban Legends: Final Cut, Children of the Night, Idle Hands, Open Your Eyes starring Penelope Cruz and underground horror favorites David Cronenberg's Rabid, Love Object, The Butcher and the Nun, as well astrailers of box-office hits like Hostel 2 and Ghost Rider.

FEARnet.com is the top horror site in America with more than 45,000 registered users, over 11 million page views and more than 2.8 million video views since launch.

“The horror genre is hot and winning at the box office,” FEARnet president Diane Robina said. “The loyal horror fans keep turning to FEARnet for more of the entertainment they crave. In a new-media environment where consumers have become the programmers, we are thrilled that FEARnet has satiated their desire for modern horror and the ability to get entertainment when and where you want it.”