Fight for the Future Seeks Net-Neutrality Docket Investigation

Activist group wants to delay May 18 vote on Title II rollback

Pro-Title II activists Fight for the Future are asking the FCC and state attorneys general to investigate what it says is potential fraud related to the filing of comments in the FCC's network-neutrality docket.

Fight for the Future campaign director Evan Greer said her group has been collecting evidence that "a large number of anti-net neutrality comments have been submitted to the FCC using real people's names and addresses without their knowledge or permission."

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She argues that the FCC needs to investigate that potential fraud before its scheduled May 18 vote on the plan to roll back Title II classsification of ISPs.

There have been duplicate and form-letter comments on both sides in the docket, which now totals over 1.6 million comments, which is not unusual for high-profile issues--but Fight For the Future suggests this could be a case of "mass identify fraud."

Greer cited reports of people confirming that they knew nothing about the anti-net neutrality comments filed under their names and said Fight for the Future had interviewed a dozen people itself who said that was the case.

The FCC also said last week it had suffered a DDoS attack that impeded the filing of comments, and Fight for the Future has called for it to provide documentation.