FilmOn Takes Big Four Down In D.C.

TV Station Streaming Service Appears to Have Complied with Court Order

FilmOn founder Alki David told Multichannel News Thursday night that the network affiliates in the markets covered by a D.C. Circuit court injunction against the service -- that's all markets except those under the Second Circuit -- would be taken off his over-the-top video subscription service, and that appears to be the case.

As of Friday, local D.C. network affiliates were no longer available on the service -- although some local stations including noncommercial WETA and WHUT--actually it is commercial WETA and WHUT on FilmOn since there is an ad before the station loads -- were still being offered. According to Michael Kilgore of, Big Four stations were also gone in two other FilmOn non-Second circuit markets, Denver and Chicago.

D.C. U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer Thursday rejected FilmOn's request for an emergency stay of the injunction,  but he told MCN he plans to challenge that decision in federal Court.