FiOS TV To Premiere 10-Pack Of 3D Movies


Planting another flag in the third dimension, Verizon in the next two months will debut 10 on-demand movies in 3D for FiOS TV customers to rent through deals with Walt Disney Pictures and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.

Eight of the titles will be available beginning Nov. 16: Disney's Chicken Little, Bolt and Meet the Robinsons, and Warner Bros.' Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Under the Sea, Deep Sea and NASCAR.

In December, FiOS TV will add A Christmas Carol and the dance movie Step Up 3D. Verizon said more titles will follow early next year.

Pricing is still being determined but will likely be a bit higher than the regular HD VOD titles, which are $5.99 per rental, said Verizon spokeswoman Heather Wilner. The model is similar to 3D movies in the theater, which run a few dollars higher than tickets to regular movies, she added.

Disney's A Christmas Carol

Any FiOS TV customer with a 3D television set, 3D glasses and an HD set-top box or DVR will be able to view the movies, according to Verizon.

"This selection of 3D movies allows our customers to see what 3D on FiOS TV is really like - with the advanced picture quality and sound that makes FiOS the ultimate home-entertainment experience," Verizon director of content strategy and acquisition Tricia Lynch said.

The 3D VOD comes after Verizon has dabbled with the format over the last several months.

On Sept. 2, the telco produced and broadcast the first televised National Football League game in 3D, the preseason match-up between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. On July 10-11, the company broadcast the first Major League Baseball games in 3D, between the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners, in partnership with YES Network.

Meanwhile, the telco expects to add ESPN 3D to its lineup in 2011 under a broader agreement between Verizon and the Disney and ESPN Media Networks Group announced earlier this month.

In the FiOS TV guide, the 3D movies will be available in the "High Definition" VOD folder under "HD 3D," as well as in the "Movies" VOD folder under "3D Movies." Overall, FiOS TV provides 18,000 monthly VOD titles.

As of the end of September, Verizon had 3.3 million FiOS TV subscribers.