FiOS TV Subs Double in 3Q


Verizon Communications more than doubled the number of FiOS TV customers in the third quarter of 2006, adding 63,000 new subscribers during the period to stand at 118,000 as of Sept. 30, the company said in reporting quarterly financial results Monday.

The company said FiOS TV was available to 1.2 million homes across all of its markets at the end of the third quarter, meaning that the service has about a 10% rate of penetration.

Verizon offers FiOS TV in nine states, and it has obtained rights to deliver television service to 3 million homes.

Verizon also ended the quarter with 496,000 customers for the DirecTV service bundle it sells, having added 64,000 net new customers during the quarter. For the first nine months of 2006, Verizon added 170,000 DirecTV subscribers.

The company said, "New broadband and video sales have more than made up for a reduction in primary wireline voice access lines of customers who turned to wireless, cable or Internet-protocol services."

The telco's primary residential access lines decreased by 419,000 during the third quarter of 2006 compared with the previous quarter, while it added 539,000 residential broadband and video customers over the same period.

In other FiOS TV news, the Board of Supervisors of Spotsylvania County, Va., voted last week to grant the regional Bell operating company a franchise for its video service.

The telco said it expects to begin taking orders for FiOS TV in the next few weeks in parts of Spotsylvania County, including portions of the Lee Hill district.

Also last week, Verizon announced availability of the digital-TV service in its 37th community in New York state, the Long Island village of East Rockaway. The company plans to offer FiOS TV in another six New York communities by the end of the year.

And Monday, Acton, Andover, Hopkinton, Lincoln and Nahant, Mass., joined Verizon’s list of Massachusetts communities where FiOS TV is available.

The telco said the addition of some 20,000 households brings the total number of Massachusetts households where FiOS TV is available to approximately 104,000.