Fire! Grab the Set-Top!


If your house is on fire, don’t leave without your cable box.

Cox Communications Inc. told a family in Wardville, La., that they had to pay $500 to replace two set-tops that were destroyed when their house burned down Christmas Day, AP reported.

"We lost our house in a fire, and they want us to pay for the cable boxes because they got burned up,” Randall LaCaze told AP. “It's like they're saying we did it on purpose.”

The cable account is in the name of LaCaze’s mother, Cecilia LaCaze.

"They told her she would still have to pay for the cable boxes,” Randall LaCaze told AP. “I find that kind of trashy, kind of sorry. Here I am trying to get my life back together and they want to charge us for cable boxes that got burned up in the fire."

Cox customer-accounts manager Laura Jolly responded, “Just like if you were to go anywhere to rent a piece of equipment and it was damaged, you would be expected to pay for it [under] different circumstances,” AP reported.