First Responders Express 'High Excitement' To Mobile DTV In DC

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The Open Mobile Video Coalition says the first wave of feedback -- encompassing some 2,800 comments -- from its mobile DTV test in Washington shows "high excitement" over the prospect of mobile TV.
The coalition, comprising almost 900 TV stations, commercial and noncommercial, is testing 23 channels of mobile DTV to a testbed/focus group of more than 200 viewers (something over 150 have weighed in so far) who are recording their comments and viewing patterns.
On a 1-10 sliding scale from "not at all excited" to "extremely excited," the respondents averaged a 7.1, which the coalition reads as that "high" excitement.
Not surprisingly for a mobile technology, most of the viewing (63%) is "on the go," which is anywhere but work, home and school. Yes, school. The initial findings were that 44% of the respondents were watching mobile TV at work or at school (a combined category), while another 33% were watching at home. The totals add up to more than 100% because respondents could choose more than one of the three responses.
While no mobile carrier has yet agreed to offer the service, Sprint is part of the Washington test and it the first carrier to "indicate an interest" in talking about mobile DTV. The National Association of Broadcasters has talked optimistically of being able to secure such a deal.
Broadcasters see mobile DTV as a way to get a piece of the currently broadband-centric but burgeoning mobile video market.