Flavor of the Week: DirecTV’s TiVo HD DVR


THE HYPE: Six years after it stopped offering TiVo
set-tops, DirecTV brought the digital video recorder
back with the Dec. 8 launch of a new TiVo-based
high-defi nition DVR in 10 markets.

WHAT IT MEANS: The satellite operator’s TiVo HD
DVR, which runs on a hardware platform supplied by
Technicolor, was three years in the making — and
two years behind schedule. The box uses TiVo’s
“classic” user interface, instead of the newer
Premiere guide. DirecTV scrapped its original deal
with TiVo in 2005 to offer its own DVR. That has
led to a steady erosion of DirecTV customers
using TiVo boxes, and TiVo is hopeful the renewed
partnership reverses that trend.

PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: $199, plus a service fee of
$12 per month (which includes $7 for DirecTV DVR
service plus $5 for TiVo service). The TiVo HD DVR
from DirecTV will be made available to all customers
nationwide beginning in early 2012.