Flavor of the Week: Google Nexus 7

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The Hype: After tepid sales of first-generation
Android tablets, Google has rolled its own:
the Nexus 7, a 12-ounce tablet with a 7-inch,
1280-by-800-pixel HD touchscreen display.
The $199 device will butt heads with Apple’s
iPad, Amazon.com’s Kindle Fire and Microsoft’s
forthcoming Surface, among others.
The Googlers also touted the Nexus Q, a
spherical, two-pound device positioned as a musicplayer-
plus-set-top — controlled by an Android phone
or tablet — that streams music, movies, videos and
TV shows from the Google Play online store.

What It Means:
Following Apple’s lead, both Google
and Microsoft have abandoned their software-only
tablet strategies. The digital storefronts are a core
piece of the puzzle: Google Play will feed the tablet
with more than 600,000 apps and games plus
music, movies and books. And coming soon
to Google Play are “thousands” of episodes
of broadcast and cable TV shows from studios
including ABC Studios, NBCUniversal and Sony

Pricing and Availability: Nexus 7 tablet ($199
list with 8 Gigabytes of memory) and Nexus Q
($299 list) scheduled to ship in mid-July.