Flavor of the Week: TiVo Premiere Elite

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THE HYPE: TiVo is super-sizing its digital video
recorder. The Elite DVR packs in four tuners — allowing
to record up to
four programs
at once, while
watching a fifth
— and a 2 Terabyte hard disk (enough for 300
hours of HD content). It’s the retail version of the
Premiere Q quad-tuner box for cable operators TiVo
launched at the 2011 Cable Show.

WHAT IT MEANS: While ostensibly competitive with
service providers’ DVR options, TiVo emphasizes that
the Elite requires users to have digital cable service.
The high-end box will likely have marginal appeal,
though, and may not do anything to stop TiVo’s user
base from continuing to shrink.

PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: $499, plus $19.99 per month;
to be available by year-end, pending FCC approval of
TiVo’s request to waive a requirement that cableready
products include analog tuners.