Food Network Stunt Heats Up Ratings


Food Network has unwrapped sizable viewership gains with a summer programming

The channel's 'Summer Unwrapped', featuring a double dose of Food's popular
Unwrapped series on Mondays, enticed some 16 million unique viewers over
a nine-week stretch, according to Nielsen Media Research data.

Beginning on June 3 and running through July 29, Food averaged a 0.9
household rating from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m., according to network officials, a 125
percent time-slot improvement over the similar span last year.

Hosted by Marc Summers, the show stunt brought viewers behind the scenes of
the nations sweetest movie snacks, treats and craziest drinks and summertime
treats, while examining hot-weather pop culture.

On average, each episode of 'Summer Unwrapped' was seen by 1 million persons

The stunt played particularly well among adults 25-54), as viewership
increased 200 percent with that group.

'We couldn't be more pleased with the performance of this programming stunt,
' said Food vice president of marketing Adam Rockmore in a statement. 'It is
obvious that there is an audience for this genre of programming which we will
continue to expand on the network.'