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Why measure diversity? What does it tell us? Encouraging at times, sometimes not and many times a mixed bag, metrics are key to providing data essential to advancing diversity. If we don’t know where we are, we cannot chart a course that moves us forward.

With a shared goal of assessing the state of gender and ethnic inclusion in our industry, Women in Cable Telecommunications and the National Association for Multi- Ethnicity in Communications have completed our biennial employment survey.

Funded through the generous support of the Walter Kaitz Foundation, the 2013 NAMIC and WICT Cable Telecommunications Industry Workforce Diversity Survey included 25 companies, representing 59% of the industry workforce — the largest sampling size to date. The research was conducted by Mercer, our third-party expert. Both associations are confident that the benchmarked data contained in the research will greatly assist industry efforts to foster diversity and inclusion.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, WICT’s annual PAR Initiative has evolved into a comprehensive advocacy program that examines the status of women in cable based on three critical criteria: Pay equity, Advancement opportunities and Resources for work/life support. The value of WICT’s PAR Initiative continues to flourish with companies using the research and resources to set goals, measure progress and adopt effective policies and programs.

NAMIC’s AIM (Advancement Investment Measurement) is the latest iteration of the survey it launched in 1999. Providing rich data central to understanding the state of multiethnic diversity in cable, itis a key resource for sustaining the pipeline of professionals of color. NAMIC’s flagship educational initiatives, the Executive Leadership Development Program and the Leadership Seminar are key outgrowths of the research.

As the nation’s demographics shift, the research conducted by WICT and NAMIC plays an essential role in analyzing diversity. Through the contribution from the Walter Kaitz Foundation and with the support of the industry at large, NAMIC and WICT are poised to share this important research. This begins Tuesday (Oct. 8) at our Joint Town Hall Meeting in New York, as part of Diversity Week. Thank you for joining our effort to achieve increased diversity at all levels.

Maria Brennan is president and CEO of WICT.
Alicin Williamson is interim head of NAMIC.