Forrester: 92% of Ads Skipped by DVR Users

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New research into the behavior of TV viewers using digital-video recorders indicated that they spend 60% of their TV time watching shows they’ve delayed or recorded and that they skip 92% of the ads under those conditions.

Forrester Research Inc., based in Cambridge, Mass., surveyed 588 DVR users and also found that:

• About three-quarters of DVR users watch some ads at least sometimes, with movie ads and promotions for upcoming TV shows scoring highest, while they watch fewer than 10% of ads about credit cards, long-distance carriers, car dealers and banks. Overall, ad exposure drops 54% among DVR users.

• DVR owners rate their “improved enjoyment” of TV at an average 4.4 on a five-point scale, and fewer than 2% of people who owned DVRs have stopped using them.• DVR owners are demographically mainstream but “are off the charts in their adoption of premium-TV services and home electronics,” with nearly one-half saying they have home networks.

Forrester said it estimates that DVR penetration is currently about 5% of TV homes, and the researcher sees that figure rising to 41% within five years.