Four K Productions Preps Ultra HD Slate

New Production Company Developing Broadcast Content in 4K
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The new L.A.-based production company, Four K Productions LLC, has announced that it has begun operations and will be focusing on original broadcast content shot and produced in the 4K/Ultra HD format.

The company has already completed on production, “Mix: LA” and is looking for distribution partners for a new slate of programs that it is developing, according to Four K founder and president Kevin Williamson.

While the focus is on 4K, it will also be doing HD productions.

As part of the launch, Williamson also announced that longtime entertainment industry marketing and advertising executives Dean Blagg and Martin Gueulette will serve Four K Productions as creative consultants. Both men have extensive experience in movie trailers, TV promos, motion graphics, print advertising, and cross-platform marketing campaigns with major studios and TV networks.

It will also be working with Wayne Threatt, a strategic advisor and investment professional with extensive financing experience in institutional private equity and venture capital, as its Corporate Strategic Consultant.

“We have nailed down the 4K work flow, and we consider ourselves adept in the creation and production of original 4K content,” Williamson said. “We are committed to this new and emerging technology, and realize that we are among very few competitors who really understand how this format works. In addition to producing our own content, we are also seeking to co-produce programming with partners, and we are also open to financing interesting new 4K projects that are pitched to us from the outside.”

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