Four Set-Tops Support Microsoft IPTV


Microsoft and four of its set-top partners -- Cisco Systems, Motorola, Philips Consumer Electronics and Tatung -- announced Tuesday the availability of system-on-a-chip set-top boxes that support the Microsoft IPTV Edition software platform.

The new boxes, according to Microsoft, will make it easier for service providers to deploy IPTV Edition more broadly and quickly and to launch new TV services such as digital-video recording and picture-in-picture.

Christine Heckart, general manager of marketing for the Microsoft TV division, said in a prepared statement, “As our service-provider customers are beginning worldwide deployments of IPTV Edition and set-top partners are unveiling these advanced devices, consumers will be able to experience television in a new, exciting way. This milestone is a testament to the remarkable progress our IPTV ecosystem has made in just a few years, and it will pave the way for service providers to deliver richer TV services at a lower cost.”

The companies made the announcement at the Broadband World Forum Europe conference.