FourthWall Dubs Set-Top Analytics Unit 'MassiveData'


Interactive TV developer FourthWall Media has branded its set-top box data collection and audience measurement unit as "MassiveData," and plans to hire additional execs to develop new research products.

FourthWall collects census-level, second-by-second viewing data from about 5 million set-tops. The company said Monday it is looking to recruit additional staffers for the MassiveData group to develop new metrics and analytics for advertisers, agencies, broadcast and cable networks, and cable operators.

In May, FourthWall announced it was licensing set-top data and a report-processing system from Microsoft Advertising. Under that deal, FourthWall assumed daily operations of Microsoft Advertising's set-top collection and analytics framework as part of its AdAim Network.

The set-top data unit is headed by Bill Feininger, general manager of MassiveData and senior vice president of media measurement for FourthWall. Feininger, who joined FourthWall in June 2010, previously was Nielsen's vice president of technical strategy and development.

Last month research firm Simulmedia, which uses set-top data to help advertisers buy TV spots more effectively, entered into a deal to license a subset of FourthWall's set-top data.